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Sat Basics

If you are new to the world of nano-satellites then Welcome!
Don’t worry, we get it – things can be confusing. Luckily we have created a helpful introduction to give you a solid grounding.

Advanced Sat


“Pfft… Basics? Give me more!” you say. “No worries!” we say.  Here is a deeper look at some of the common subsystems in the typical nano-satellite.

  • Satellite communications
  • Nano-Sat thermodynamics
  • Radiation environment
  • Attitude control
  • Operating Systems

Useful links
The original specification from the inventors of the CubeSat. Essential reading if you are considering buying or building your own CubeSat. Despite the emergence of multiple types of dispensor nowadays, they are all based around this design spec.

A very useful guide for anyone looking to develop their own CubeSat, which outlines the major phases, time period estimates and much more

Nano-Satellites need to be created from low-outgassing materials. NASA maintains a database of materials and their outgassing properties. To learn more about outgassing, read the linked article above.

A useful database of current and future nanosatellite missions along with some nice graphs.