Steven Despotellis


Steven graduated from Melbourne University in 2017 with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is currently working as an engineer in the public sector.

A significant proportion of Steven’s spare time in the last three years has been spent volunteering with other students at the Melbourne Space Program where he has contributed in various roles to the development of their inaugural nano-satellite. As a result he has a unique appreciation of the challenges associated with building these devices and is very keen to create a platform to make it easier for those going through the same process.

When Steven is not building satellites he is likely to be flying his RC helicopters or reading an epic fantasy novel.

Jack Kidgell


Jack is a Law graduate from Victoria University, after graduating Jack has gained accounting and advisory experience in his role as a tax consultant. 

Fascinated with space from a a young age, he is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the growing space industry.  Jack was introduced to the world of nano satellites through Steven’s ongoing involvement in the Melbourne Space Program.It was through hearing about the challenges faced by Steven that the need for easier access to components and expert advice was realised. 

In his spare time Jack enjoys surfing, running and travel.

How the team came to be

Steven and Jack both grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  They met at the age of 6 and fast became friends due to sharing classes through 13 years of schooling.  A lifelong friendship was forged that included many days working at the local golf course.

It was Stevens regular stories of frustration working on the Melbourne Space Program’s nano-satellite that led Jack to question if there was a solution to the lack of information and difficult to source components.  This thought led them to develop the idea of an online community dedicated to all things nano-satellite.  A hub where anyone interested in nano-satellites can source information, ask for expert opinion, purchase components and keep up to date with the latest industry news.

Steven and Jack have now combined their differing skill sets with their shared passion for innovation to create SatHub, with the goal of making nano-satellite technology easily accessible worldwide.