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    The Sat Hub

    Here at Sat Hub we aim to foster an inclusive and supportive community and therefore any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Please do not ridicule, disparage or insult anyone for asking what you might believe is a stupid question. Everyone is at different stages of learning and even foremost experts had to start somewhere.
    If you cannot respond in a decent and polite matter, then do not post at all. Posts that are deemed inappropriate by the moderators will be deleted.

    That is not to say that we discourage arguments – far from it. If you have reason to believe that a posted answer is incorrect, please post your counter-viewpoint. However make sure you include evidence to support why you think this way – ‘I just don’t think it’s right’ is not good enough.

    The forums are designed to be a place for everyone to discuss freely and have their questions answered by those with more knowledge and experience. The nanosatellite community is growing and becoming more accessible than ever and here is a chance to take advantage of some of the extremely well learned individuals from around the world.

    Some guidelines for posting:

    – Try and give some background to give others context.
    – Write in English
    – Questions as clear as possible

    – Try to base responses on either personal experience or supporting evidence (eg. journal article)
    – Keep your responses as objective as possible

    Happy posting!
    Sat Hub team

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