Day: November 14, 2018

A trillion dollar industry

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have both forecasted the space industry to reach $1 trillion USD by the 2040’s. considers what would need to occur for the current market to triple in less than a quarter of a century.

Avalanche of space junk

As the race to put more nano-satellites in space heats up the risk of creating an avalanche of space junk multiplies. Business Insider explains:

Australian low cost satellite manufacturer

Australian Company Myriota offers an “ultra-low-cost satellite IoT service”. Their low-cost satellite transmitters (just 20mm by 32mm in size)  send low powered messages directly to a constellation of low-earth-orbit nano-satellites. They hope to utilise this technology in a number of sectors including agriculture, defence, utilities, environmental monitoring, asset tracking and logistics. Read more at