Sat Hub

The Home for all things Nano-Satellite

SatHub has been created with one goal in mind – to be the single platform for all things nano-satellite. Until now people involved with these remarkable devices have been isolated around the world, information has been scattered around the internet and newcomers are literally lost in space. Not anymore!
SatHub is many things, but at its core it is a platform to bring together the nano-satellite community from around the world.

We wouldn’t be much of a Hub without spokes! Click here to start your discovery into nano-satellites with:

  • Nano satellite basics
  • Explanation of more complex topics
  • Links to key resources around the net


The SatHub is designed to be a platform that connects people around the world who are involved in the nano-satellite community. Create an account and get started by checking out our Forum for discussions on all things nano-satellite! Create groups and form social networks with other people in the industry.


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